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The trade union of the group company organized and carried out the activity of "Staff mutual aid for one day donation"

Release time: 2022-03-01

      This network news for the further construction of harmonious labor relations,Set up the group's internal employee mass health security network,近日,The trade union of Hebei Agricultural Materials Group Company actively responded to the call of the provincial direct trade union,Organized and carried out the "2022 annual employee mutual aid one-day donation" activity,A total of 214 employees participated in the event,A total of 40,381 yuan was raised,The sum has been handed over to the provincial trade union。

       Since the "One day donation" activity was carried out 12 years ago, it has effectively alleviated the medical and living difficulties of employees. The activity is both public welfare and mutual assistance, and it is a practical and good thing to serve employees, unite employees and unite employees。During the activity, all the union members of the company responded positively and participated actively, fully reflecting the overall situation awareness, dedication awareness, unity awareness of the majority of workers, highlighting the good quality of agricultural personnel's love and dedication, Chongde and goodness。