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The group company carries out business etiquette training

Release time: 2022-02-28

        In order to further enhance employees' business etiquette literacy and help employees show a good spiritual outlook in business activities, on the afternoon of February 18, the human resources Department of Hebei Agricultural Materials Group Company organized all employees to conduct special training on business etiquette。

        In order to prevent and control the epidemic and avoid gathering, the training was held in the form of online live video broadcast on Dingding platform, including professional image building, business meetings and social etiquette. Through the combination of theory and business scene demonstration, employees had a comprehensive and profound understanding of the training content。

        Through the training, the important influence of business etiquette on personal image and business negotiation has been clarified, the awareness of shaping professional image of employees has been strengthened, and the etiquette of daily activities such as business meetings has been standardized。