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How to increase grain production capacity by 500 million metric tons?The minister of agriculture and rural Affairs gave the road map

Release time: 2023-01-09

     At the end of the year, interview the minister。For three consecutive years, Tang Renjian, director of the Central Agricultural Office and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, wrote three key words like this to CCTV reporters: 

    2021: Grain, seeds, arable land 

    2022: Food 

    2023: Agricultural powerhouse 


    How the three sets of keywords are related?Tang Renjian said that the internal logical relationship is very clear。 

    "A strong agricultural country is programmatic and focuses on the main points。The top priority is to consolidate the foundation of food security in all areas。And seeds and arable land are two of the key points, grasp these two key points, food security can be guaranteed。”

     Do all you can to secure and stabilize the Chinese rice bowl 

    Looking back at 2022, China's grain production is remarkable。In the face of difficulties such as the multi-point spread of the novel coronavirus epidemic, the record-breaking autumn flood in northern China, extreme heat and drought in southern China, and high prices of agricultural supplies, output still reached a record high, reaching 1,373.1 billion tons, an increase of 7.4 billion tons。In particular, the soybean self-sufficiency rate also increased by 3 percentage points。Ensuring stable production and supply of grain and important agricultural products provided basic support for stabilizing expectations, prices, and the overall economic market。 

    Food security is a national priority。

    Tang Renjian said that the truly powerful countries in the world, without weaknesses, have the ability to solve their own food problems。In the coming period, with the high-quality development of China's economy and the promotion of urbanization, the demand for food and important agricultural products will still show a rigid growth trend。The year 2023 is the first year to implement the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congress, and it is also the beginning of the year to accelerate the building of an agricultural power. It is of special importance to ensure the stable and safe supply of food and important agricultural products。 

    "We will take a new round of 100 billion tons of grain production capacity improvement action as the starting point, and go all out to end the stable end of China's rice bowl.。” 

    Grain production capacity in 1.From the high starting point of 3 trillion kilograms, we will raise it by another hundred billion kilograms。Hard as it is, it will be done。 

    Tang Renjian said, "This matter is not a question of whether or not it can be done, but a question of what must be done.。We must mobilize all resources and spare no effort to increase grain production capacity by 50 billion metric tons。” 

    Tang Renjian said that in the long run, it is necessary to comprehensively improve the comprehensive production capacity of agriculture。 

  • Grasp the material basis, resolutely hold the red line of 1.8 billion mu of arable land, and gradually turn 15.All 4.6 billion mu of permanent basic farmland will be built into high-standard farmland, and we will continue to revitalize the seed industry and tackle key agricultural core technologies.

  • We will ensure institutional guarantees, improve the mechanism for ensuring the income of grain farmers and the mechanism for compensating the interests of major producing areas, fully implement the joint responsibility of the Party and the government for food security, and comprehensively consolidate the foundation of food security。 

▶ Agricultural work priorities for 2023 

    In 2023, in the face of the new development situation, the focus is on two stability, two expansion and two improvement。 

  • Two stable - stable area, stable output: to ensure that the grain area is stable at 17.More than 700 million mu, and strive to increase to ensure that grain production continues to remain at 1.More than 3 trillion jin, and strive to increase production。

  • Two expansion - the expansion of beans and oil: the expansion of more than 10 million mu to ensure that the soybean oil area is stable at 3.More than 500 million mu, and strive to expand。

  • Two - raise the yield per unit and raise the self-sufficiency rate: strive to increase the yield of corn demonstration fields by more than 100 kg per mu, and increase the self-sufficiency rate of edible vegetable oil by more than 1 percentage point。 

When reporters asked what specific policy measures will be taken, Tang Renjian said - 

  • Administrative promotion, policy support, do everything possible to stabilize the area。In the assessment of the same responsibilities of the Party and the government for food security, the weight of area yield and planting structure will be increased。

  • Farmland hardware, science and technology software both grasp, the unit yield up。45 million mu of high-standard farmland was built and 35 million mu of high-standard farmland was upgraded。We will launch a project to increase the yield per unit area of major grain and oil crops, focusing on corn。

  • Disaster prevention and loss reduction, machinery collection and loss reduction, the loss down。 

Promoting consumption and expanding investment will effectively promote the domestic cycle 

    When it comes to expanding domestic demand, Tang Renjian believes that agriculture, rural areas involve many industries, wide fields and large groups, and there is a very broad space and potential to be tapped in expanding domestic demand and building a new development pattern。 

    Tang Renjian gave such a set of data: 

  • At present, although farmers' income is not very high, the consumption increment created has been almost the same as that of urban residents. With the continuous growth of farmers' income and the acceleration of rural consumption upgrading, it is estimated that about 2 trillion yuan of new consumer demand can be added every year。

  • The lag of agricultural and rural infrastructure construction is the most intuitive manifestation of the urban-rural gap, and there is a huge investment demand in this area。According to preliminary estimates, in the next 5 to 10 years, the investment demand for high-standard farmland and facility agriculture alone will be nearly 15 trillion yuan。 

▶ We will accelerate the activation of rural markets to release farmers' consumption potential 

    Tang Renjian said that in 2023, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will continue to make efforts to comprehensively promote rural revitalization and accelerate the construction of an agricultural power, especially in accelerating the activation of rural markets and releasing the consumption potential of farmers, come up with more practical and hard moves, smooth the urban-rural cycle of industry and agriculture, and promote the domestic cycle。 

  • Improve supply and expand consumption。Work from the supply side and distribution channels,We will expand production of green, organic, geographical indications and famous, special and high-quality new agricultural products,Efforts will be made to improve hard facilities for rural consumption and optimize the soft environment,Expand the rural coverage of e-commerce and logistics express delivery,Let agricultural products go up smoothly and industrial products go down smoothly,We will promote the upgrading of food consumption in urban areas and increase consumption of durable goods in rural areas。

  • We will boost investment in development。We made solid progress in rural development,We will continue to strengthen the development of high-standard farmland,We will vigorously develop modern facility agriculture,A number of storage and preservation facilities, cold chain distribution centers and large cold chain logistics bases will be laid out and built,We will continue to improve rural conditions such as water, electricity, roads, gas and housing,We will expand effective investment in agriculture and rural areas to boost economic growth。

  • Developing industries to help increase agricultural incomes。We will guide local governments to strengthen leading markets, replenish chains, develop business forms, and develop brand names. We will expand the processing and circulation of agricultural products, promote the integration of agriculture, culture, and tourism, vigorously develop rural e-commerce, accelerate the construction of modern agricultural parks, and continue to expand channels for farmers to increase their incomes and become richer。 

Resolutely observe the bottom line of not returning to poverty on a scale 

    Consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation is the bottom line task of comprehensively promoting rural revitalization。Tang Renjian said that in 2022, the achievements of poverty alleviation will continue to be effectively consolidated。As of the end of November, 65.The risk of falling back into poverty has been eliminated in 7 percent of the monitored areas, and the rest have implemented assistance measures, and no entire village or township has fallen back into poverty. The number of employed migrant workers in poverty alleviation has increased by 1.33 million over the previous year, reaching 32.78 million。 

    "At present, affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the economic downturn and other factors, the consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation achievements have encountered some new situations and new problems。In the face of difficulties and challenges, Tang Renjian gave a response plan。 

    "We will take stronger and more targeted measures to further enhance the internal development momentum of areas and people living out of poverty, and use development methods to leave poverty far behind.。” 

  • In terms of cultivating and upgrading industries, in accordance with the requirements of the three words of "local specialties", various localities are guided to rely on agricultural and rural characteristic resources, develop multiple functions of agriculture, tap rural multiple values, and promote the upgrading of the whole chain of rural industries。We will increase the proportion of connecting funds used for industrial development to over 60%, plan to implement a number of overall regional industrial projects, and improve the mechanism for connecting agriculture and promoting farmers to benefit farmers, so that people living out of poverty will share more of the value-added benefits and steadily increase their incomes through industries。

  • In terms of stabilizing employment, we will develop a number of county industries with large employment capacity to enrich the people, increase employment services and skills training for the poverty-stricken labor force, and ensure that the number of jobs for the poverty-stricken labor force remains stable at more than 30 million。

  • In terms of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, we will implement policies to support entrepreneurship, build a number of training bases for entrepreneurship incubation, and guide college graduates to go to the countryside, talented people to return to the countryside, migrant workers to return to the countryside, and entrepreneurs to enter the countryside in an orderly manner, so as to boost employment and income through entrepreneurship。 

A strong country must first strengthen farmers Only when agriculture is strong can the country be strong 

    Tang Renjian said that the strong signal of strengthening agriculture has been issued。Will anchor this goal system planning,We will promptly study and formulate a plan for accelerating the development of an agricultural country,The two bottom lines of ensuring food security and preventing a return to mass poverty should be upheld,We will promote high-quality rural development, construction, and governance,Pioneering and innovative implementation of scientific and technological reform two-wheel drive,We will continue to create a new era and a new journey for the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers,Lay a solid foundation for a good start in building a modern socialist country in an all-round way。

    (From: Rural television network)