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What should we pay attention to in building an agricultural power?

Release time: 2023-01-12

      A strong country must first strengthen farmers, and only when farmers are strong can the country be strong。习近平总书记在中央农村工作会议上对加快建设农业强国作出了一系列重要指示,这是党中央着眼全面建成社会主义现代化强国宏伟蓝图作出的战略部署,更是未来三农事业征程上锚定航向的灯塔。The course has been set, in the process of accelerating the construction of agricultural power, we should pay attention to what?

      To answer this question, we must fully understand the importance, importance and slowness of agriculture, rural areas and farmers。First of all, China's construction of an agricultural power involves more than 200 million small farmers and more than 500 million farmers. With a large population and large rural area, the situation and problems are also very different. In the process of concrete implementation, we must fully recognize this complexity。Second, the quality and success of the building of an agricultural country are related to the stable and secure supply of food and important agricultural products to more than 1.4 billion people, the overall situation of modernization, and the whole body. We must scientifically promote the implementation of various tasks and avoid systemic risks and subversive mistakes。In addition, the development of agriculture and rural areas is a slow variable, and unlike industry and cities, many things can not be urgent, so accelerating the construction of agricultural power, can not simply copy the experience of achieving the goals of other powerful countries。To speed up the construction of an agricultural power, we should grasp the requirements and principles of the following aspects in a systematic way of thinking and from a historical perspective。

      We need to strengthen top-level design。Accelerating the construction of an agricultural power is a long-term and arduous historical task, which requires a clear road map and construction drawings to guide the construction process better with scientific planning。When formulating the plan, we should pay attention to the connection with the existing plan, we do not want to build an agricultural power to "start all over again", can not "turn over the cake", to maintain the overall continuity of the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers。At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen systematic thinking, pay attention to the organic coupling of agricultural and rural modernization with other modernization, handle the relationship between building an agricultural power and realizing other powerful goals, and realize the mutual advancement of "agricultural strength" and "national strength"。

      Do it gradually。At present, China's agricultural foundation is not stable, the income gap between urban and rural residents is still large, the unbalanced development of urban and rural development is still a concentrated reflection of the main social contradictions, on this basis to accelerate the construction of an agricultural power, it is impossible to achieve in one move。We must be good at viewing the issues of agriculture, rural areas and farmers from a big historical perspective, maintain historical patience, and follow the laws of history to advance the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. In light of the current stage of development, we must steadily advance the building of China into an agricultural country, and implement the goals and tasks in a spirit of driving nails. While accomplishing all the goals and tasks, we must do more to lay the foundation for long-term benefits。

      We must adhere to local conditions。Our country has a vast territory, spanning five climatic zones from north to south and five time zones from east to west。Different resource endowments, different folk customs, and different places explore different paths to build an agricultural power, which can be large and strong, or small and beautiful。In the process of implementation, all localities must not be "fundamentalist" or "scripted", nor can they all pursue "lofty" divorced from reality, but must proceed from their own realities, adapt to local conditions, implement precise policies, and take a diversified and characteristic development path。

      We must act in accordance with the laws governing agricultural and rural development。In industrial production, a series of parameters are input and standardized industrial products can be produced on the production line。But the situation of agriculture and rural areas is different, spring planting, summer weeding, autumn harvesting, winter storage, agricultural production must follow the laws of nature, according to the agricultural time and biological rhythm orderly, early not, late also not。Accelerating the construction of an agricultural power cannot be divorced from this law of development, and it cannot be taken for granted. We must respect history, culture, and ecology, and formulate goals and tasks and plan policies and measures in accordance with the laws of agricultural and rural development。

      We must ensure that farmers' interests do not suffer。To speed up the building of an agricultural country is to meet the needs of hundreds of millions of farmers for a better life. In this process, we must effectively protect the rights and interests of farmers。We must not neglect the rights and interests of farmers in order to pursue the improvement of agricultural production efficiency and the development of rural economy。We should develop the industry, but we should not blindly fight for speed, "spread the pie", to the detriment of farmers' interests;We must encourage social capital to invest in the construction of an agricultural power, but it cannot become a "horse racing enclosure", and farmers must truly benefit from it。All in all, we must be very careful about anything that involves the basic rights and interests of farmers, especially anything that involves changing the way of production and life that has been around for thousands of years。

      Accelerating the building of a strong agricultural country is the foundation of our efforts to build a strong modern socialist country in all respects. We must make unremitting efforts to strengthen agriculture。让我们以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指引,全面贯彻落实党的二十大精神,着眼全面建成社会主义现代化强国的全局大局,为加快建设农业强国而努力奋斗,用新的伟大奋斗创造新的强国伟业!

      (Source: Farmers Daily)