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The group company visited the retired veteran cadres

Release time: 2023-01-19


      The Spring Festival is coming,The group company visited the retired cadres of the Group company,I would like to extend my sincere greetings and high respect to them,We sincerely thank them for their important contribution to the development of the Group,And extend New Year wishes and greetings to them,I wish them good health, happy mood and happy life。

      In the home of veteran cadres Li Futong and Chun Lide, Ma Zhaohui, secretary of the Party Committee of the Group company, carefully asked about their health and living conditions, and introduced the development of the Group company and listened to opinions and suggestions。Ma Zhaohui said that in the past year, the group company has promoted development by party building, continued to make efforts in two aspects of epidemic prevention and stable development, and the number of agricultural supplies has steadily increased, achieving annual sales of more than 10 billion, which has effectively guaranteed the demand for agricultural fertilizer in our province。

      In the home of retired military cadres Zhang Shuying, Zhao Liqiang, a member of the Party committee of the group company, warmly conveyed the cordial condolences of the new leadership team, asked the physical condition of the old cadres in detail, and learned that the old cadres were difficult to live and aggravated by emphysema due to the epidemic, carefully told to relax, strengthen nutrition, appropriate exercise, and sent condolences。

      Retired veteran cadres have fully affirmed the development of the group company,Valuable suggestions have also been made,It is hoped that the new leadership will continue to inherit the spirit of "agricultural personnel" that is clean and honest and hard-working,Lead the majority of cadres and staff to sum up past experience,Unity, solid work, hard work,And wish the group company a better tomorrow。