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Jump up Healthy every day - The group company held a skipping activity to celebrate the "March 8" International Women's Day

Release time: 2023-03-17


      On March 7, on the occasion of the "38" International Working Women's Day, the Women's Committee of the Group company and the Human Resources Department organized the theme of "Jumping up and healthy every day"。Han Huijun, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of Hebei Agricultural Materials Group Company, attended the event and made a speech. The activity was presided over by Wang Jianguo, chairman of the trade union. All female workers and some male workers in the office building attended the event。

      In order to improve the physical fitness of the majority of employees, the week before the competition, the group company called on all employees to carry out fitness exercises according to their physical conditions, in addition to the busy work, combined with brisk walking, running, skipping, ball games, etc., to prepare for the competition。

      Before the start of the competition, Han Huijun called on the majority of employees to actively participate, to "race" out of vitality, and gradually exercise to restore health after the new coronavirus epidemic;To "race" out of the friendship, prepare for the activity before the activity, pay attention to the correct force of the ankle joint when jumping rope, and fully communicate between the departments and departments through the activity to enhance the friendship。


      At the competition site, the contestants were grouped according to age, and the competition was carried out in the form of one-minute timed jump. With the contestants jumping more and more each time and constantly surpassing themselves, the audience laughed and applauded constantly。The competition also interspersed with five people and jump jump rope hot field, the scene of laughter, lively。


      The Group company hopes that the majority of cadres and workers, with the competition as "media", encounter the spring, sow the seeds of sports in the fresh and stirring March day, and use fitness as a habit throughout the daily life, and always maintain good health。