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Personnel composition


     Hebei Agricultural Means of Production Group Co., Ltd. was restructured from Hebei Agricultural Means of Production General Corporation in January 2003. It has more than 60 years of operating history of agricultural materials such as fertilizers and pesticides。

     The company has more than 500 employees, 217 employees in the headquarters。

     Among the employees, 22 have graduate degrees, 132 have university degrees, 48 have junior college degrees, and 15 are below。

     Among the employees, 17 have senior titles, 33 have intermediate titles, and 35 have junior titles。

     In addition to the company headquarters, the company employs more than 300 staff in the business front line, mainly distributed in the branch, Jixing Real Estate Company, Jixing Property Company, Hebei Jinnong Fertilizer Co., LTD., Hebei Yuntianhua International Jinnong Fertilizer Co., LTD。

     Company structure: Board of directors, Board of supervisors, general manager, deputy general manager;Six comprehensive service departments, including Office, Human Resources Department, Finance Department, Risk Control and Audit Department, Financing and Investment Department, and Comprehensive Business Department;2 fertilizer business companies, such as fertilizer trading company and agricultural materials chain company;Hebei Jixing Real Estate Co., LTD., Hebei Jixing Property Services Co., LTD., Hebei Huaji Trading Co., LTD., Qijin Culture Communication Company, Marriott Hong Kong Group Co., LTD.Hebei Jilong Biotechnology Co., LTD., Hebei Fengze Yuan Anbang Agricultural Service Company, Hebei Yuntianhua International Jinnong Fertilizer Co., LTD., Hebei Jinnong Fertilizer Co., LTD., Tangshan Huinong Agricultural materials Company, Hebei Jiarun Agricultural Materials Company, Shijiazhuang Huamao Trading Co., LTD. 10 participating holding companies。