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Overview of chain operation


Hebei Agricultural Means of Production Group Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the construction of marketing network, makes full use of the internal and external resources of supply and marketing cooperatives, transforms the traditional management network with modern circulation mode, and vigorously develops the chain management of agricultural materials。Since 1998, branches have been established in the province and surrounding provinces,2002 Development of county and township distribution network, In 2005, the agricultural chain management network project with "Hebei Agricultural Materials Fengze Garden" as the unified brand was launched,By vigorously implementing the construction of agricultural distribution center, terminal network system upgrading construction, agrochemical service system construction and agricultural information service system construction,The provincial agricultural materials company has been established as the leader,The regional distribution center is the backbone,Based on county and city distribution centers,Based on rural agricultural supply chain stores,Covering the whole province, radiating around, connecting up and down, orderly circulation of modern agricultural supplies management service network system。At present, there are 16 regional distribution centers, 156 county-level distribution (distribution) centers, and more than 3,000 rural franchise (direct) stores。  

Sound and smooth marketing network