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Joining conditions


• The franchisee must have two or more categories of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural mulches, seeds, small agricultural machinery, veterinary drugs and feed and other major commodities in the legal business qualifications and business licenses, honest and trustworthy, law-abiding business, with a certain regional market control and good social reputation。
• The franchisee should have perfect hardware facilities,It has fixed business premises and storage and transportation capacity,It is equipped with shelves, counters, telephones, fax machines, microcomputers, cash registers, inspection instruments, fire fighting facilities (equipment) and so on,Use measuring instruments that have passed the verification and have not exceeded the verification period,Have the ability to undertake chain operation work。
• To have the corresponding operating personnel and technical service force, and take the initiative to accept the professional training of the chain headquarters, with the ability to provide farmers with agricultural information and technical advisory services, to ensure the standardized operation of the franchise, service in place, healthy development。
• The franchisee has the economic strength or the ability to provide credit guarantee commensurate with its business scale, and can settle the full amount of the payment in a timely manner in accordance with the chain regulations。
• Franchisee shall be bound by the management system of the chain headquarters, master the knowledge of commodity quality standards and relevant laws and regulations, be able to strictly control the quality of self-acquired commodities, implement quality commitments to farmers, and be responsible for compensation for corresponding losses。
• Franchisee in strict accordance with the chain headquarters operating system, in the supply of goods procurement, transportation, storage, distribution, sales, prices, funds return and other aspects can be convenient, safe, accurate and low-cost。
• The franchisee agrees with the concept of agricultural chain management, and voluntarily implements the franchise VI (visual identity) system and store transformation in accordance with the requirements of the chain headquarters。At the same time, voluntarily pay a certain amount of franchise deposit (interest paid by the chain headquarters during the franchise period, and returned when withdrawing from the franchise) to ensure that the brand image of the franchise is maintained。
• Franchisee adhere to small profits, high quality service, sales season business hours of not less than 12 hours a day, sales off-season business hours of not less than 8 hours a day, no holidays throughout the year except the Spring Festival。