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The central government allocated 10 billion yuan to support spring ploughing production - "ten billion yuan subsidies" for grain farmers

Release time: 2023-05-10

      In April this year, the central government allocated 10 billion yuan to provide one-time subsidies to actual grain farmers to support spring farming。Entering May, grain subsidies began to be issued in succession, many places have given the "account" schedule, Heilongjiang, Henan and other major grain producing provinces clear within May to the hands of actual grain farmers。

      Since 2021, the central government has issued a total of 70 billion yuan in one-time subsidies to actual grain farmers, including 20 billion yuan in 2021 and 40 billion yuan in 2022。Why give one-off subsidies to actual grain farmers?How effective is the "ten-billion subsidy"?

      Support farmers to cope with rising prices of agricultural supplies

      The issuance of "tens of billions of subsidies" to cope with the rising price of agricultural materials is the main reason。

      Agricultural production materials such as fertilizers, pesticides, and fuel oil are known as the "food of food", and the price of agricultural materials often fluctuates during the peak of fertilizer use such as spring ploughing, which brings a certain cost pressure to grain farmers。Looking at the income side, since April this year, the price of rice, wheat, corn, soybeans and other grains has shown a downward trend due to multiple factors such as policy-based grain auctions, increased imports, increased shipments of traders and weak market demand。

      Rising costs and falling returns make it easy for grain farmers to "retreat"。During the interview,A number of grain farmers told reporters,Grain price and agricultural resources are the most important components of grain income and cost,However, in recent years, due to the price increase of fertilizer raw materials, the COVID-19 epidemic and other factors,Agricultural prices often outpace grain prices,"Grain is one cent more expensive,Fat is worth three cents.",To some extent, it has dampened the enthusiasm of farmers to grow grain。

      As the bearer of the rising cost of agricultural prices, in the critical stage of agricultural production, grain farmers need "timely rain" to ease the financial pressure and grow grain steadily。

      To this end, the state took overall consideration of the trend of agricultural prices and agricultural production situation, and the central government issued a one-time subsidy of 10 billion yuan to actual grain farmers to stabilize farmers' incomes and protect their enthusiasm for grain farming。

      The "$10 billion subsidy" is not the first time。The reporter learned that in June 2021, the central government arranged 20 billion yuan of one-time subsidies for actual grain farmers in the critical period of autumn grain production to make up for the increased impact of rising agricultural costs on farmers。In 2022, the one-time actual grain farmers' subsidies will be issued in three batches in March, May and August of the year, providing strong financial support for grain farmers in the spring ploughing preparation, summer grain harvest, autumn harvest and autumn planting stages。Together with the 10 billion yuan for this year's spring ploughing season, the central government has so far issued a total of 70 billion yuan in one-time subsidies to actual grain farmers。

      What is the effect of recent rounds of "billions of subsidies"?Lao Yang, a rice planting contractor in Shouxian County, Anhui province, introduced that in 2022, the central finance issued one-time subsidies to actual grain farmers in three batches, "specific to my home, the first batch of more than 800 yuan to the account, and the last two batches are nearly 400 yuan.。"Lao Yang planted about 60 acres of double-cropping rice, spring and autumn need to buy quantitative fertilizer for seedling and bud," subsidies can basically cover the cost of fertilizer。Without these three subsidies, the money to buy compound fertilizer would have been lost。”

      It is understood that Henan, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and other provinces have announced the allocation of one-time subsidy funds for actual grain farmers。In addition, the central finance also recently issued the first batch of agricultural production disaster prevention and relief fund12.5.1 billion yuan to support Heilongjiang, Shandong and other provinces in purchasing pesticides, medical equipment and other materials needed for the prevention and control of major crop diseases and insect pests;Issued 1.6 billion yuan subsidy funds to support 22 wheat producing provinces such as Hebei and Anhui to organize and carry out wheat "one spray and three prevention" operations during the important season of wheat production formation。Experts said that the relevant funds will further mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers to grow grain, guide farmers to grow more grain, plant good grain, effectively improve food production, and ensure the completion of the annual food production targets and tasks。

      Accurate and fast, so that grain farmers benefit in time

      To benefit actual grain farmers, the release of funds must first highlight the word "permit" to ensure that the policy of benefiting agriculture is not discounted and not out of shape。

      How to define "actual grain farmer"?This needs to draw the "line" of the subsidy object, accurately identify the actual grain farmers, and do a good job of verifying the subsidy area。

      Treasury clear,The subsidy target is the actual grain growers who actually bear the cost of rising agricultural prices,Including farmers who use their own contracted land to grow grain,Large households transferring land to grow grain, family farms, farmers' cooperatives, agricultural enterprises and other new agricultural business entities,And individuals and organizations that carry out social services in the whole process of grain cultivation and harvest,Ensure that the subsidy funds reach the actual producers。In addition, in the process of identification and verification, existing data such as the basic data of subsidy fund issuance, food crop insurance underwriting data, and identity information of farmers and new agricultural business entities can also provide important references。

      How to determine the subsidy standard?The Ministry of Finance has made it clear that the subsidy standards are determined comprehensively by each region in combination with the relevant situation, and in principle the subsidy standards within the county should be unified。

      In actual operation, the subsidy standard is usually determined according to the "total amount of allocated funds divided by the subsidy area", and the standards of various counties in some provinces are different。Taking the 2022 subsidy funds as an example, the reporter sorted out the relevant documents of the provinces: in Yunnan, the third batch of subsidy funds for rice planting subsidies is 13 per mu.22 yuan, corn, potatoes and soybeans and other autumn crops subsidy standard is 8 per mu.83 yuan;In Beijing,Wheat, corn, millet and other food crops according to the sown area of the year, at the standard of 10 yuan per mu,Each agriculture-related area may make specific provisions on the scope of subsidies in light of actual conditions;Some provinces have set upper and lower limits,For example, Guangxi clearly controls the subsidy standard per mu within 200 yuan,Shandong clearly defines the average subsidy standard of not less than 25 yuan per mu。

      Farmers need subsidy funds to purchase agricultural supplies and arrange agricultural production to ensure that they do not miss farming, and the release of funds must seize the word "fast"。

      Modern information technology means provide the solution。The reporter learned that in the process of fund issuance, all localities use the basic data of relevant subsidies to take "one card (discount) pass" and other ways to ensure that the subsidy funds are issued in full and in a timely manner。In some places, all kinds of subsidies for the benefit of the people and farmers are distributed through social security cards, bank cards or passbooks opened at issuing banks, which have many advantages, such as more convenient centralized distribution, can be collected without leaving the house, and can be traced openly and transparently。

      In addition to being fast and accurate, during the actual release of funds, strict supervision and management should be carried out to ensure that the funds are "inserted to the end".。

      In Jining City, Shandong Province, the staff of the Wenshang County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Committee stared at the key time nodes of fund allocation, adopted a "sinking" supervision mode, and walked into the field to ensure that the funds were transferred to the hands of farmers in the first time。"Now the superior's agricultural subsidies are allocated in a more timely manner, and the fastest speed is to hit the 'one card' of beneficial agricultural subsidies.。Subsidies to the account quickly, I can according to the market, while the fertilizer is cheap when the stock, can save a lot of money!"Li Jiyin, a big grain farmer in Wenshang County, said。

      Strengthen the "safety net" of subsidies for benefiting farmers

      Financial support for agricultural production will not be reduced, and all kinds of subsidies for farmers will cooperate with agricultural insurance, minimum purchase prices and other favorable policies to help farmers increase their incomes.。

      In a rice field in Jishigang town, Haishu District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, rice transplanters rush back and forth and drones hover to spread shrimp feed。Drones, rice transplanters, ditchers, dryers, self-propelled caterpillar grain combine harvesters...Dai Guofang, a large farmer of grain, is very proud of all kinds of agricultural machinery, "Since 2021, the central finance has supplied me with 710,000 yuan only for the purchase of agricultural machinery subsidies.。”

      Dai Guofang said that agricultural subsidies are issued through digital technological means, and agricultural machinery subsidies can be "independent purchase of machinery, quota subsidies, first purchase and then supplement, county-level settlement, and direct supplement to the card", which helps local farmers boldly explore mechanized production。

      Subsidies for agricultural resources, subsidies for the purchase and application of agricultural machinery, subsidies for the protection of arable land, subsidies for corn and soybean producers, rice subsidies...To stabilize the income of grain farmers, financial subsidies to farmers weave a "security net"。Data show that in 2022, the central government issued a total of more than 350 billion yuan of grain production subsidies。This year, China will further increase agricultural input and subsidies, and increase the enthusiasm of grain farmers and major grain-producing areas.。

      Driven by the central government and followed by local governments, this will add momentum to grain production。On the basis of the implementation of the central government's policy of benefiting agriculture, the provinces are also optimizing the structure of provincial financial funds expenditure and leaning towards key areas of agricultural production。

      This year, Fujian provincial finance will support the development of grain and oil production and achieve the annual grain production target task - "grain sown area of 12.53 million mu (of which soybean 52.80,000 mu), the total output of 5.07 million tons, oil area 120,000 mu。The province promoted large-scale grain farming,Production area project counties to transfer more than 100 acres of arable land, the transfer time of more than 3 years to the main subject to give 200 yuan per acre one-time reward;Support double-cropping rice production,For large-scale planting of early rice and continuous cultivation of late rice more than 30 mu of business entities,According to the actual area of early rice, the maximum reward per mu is 200 yuan;We will encourage social services in grain and oil production,Subsidies shall be given to the production of grain and oil on behalf of cultivation, planting, prevention, collection and drying,The maximum subsidy for a single season is 130 yuan per mu。

      Whether the policy of subsidizing farmers can form a long-term mechanism?Some experts suggest that we can refer to the price subsidy model, improve the agricultural material subsidy policy, and change from a one-time subsidy to a subsidy linkage mechanism linked to prices。

      Jiang Wenlai, a researcher at the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,It is necessary to determine scientific and reasonable subsidy standards, set the upper limit of subsidies for rising agricultural supplies prices, and establish a pool of agricultural supplies subsidies,We will establish a long-term mechanism for subsidizing agricultural supplies,When the price increase of agricultural materials reaches a certain level, it will start,Thus giving farmers a "reassurance" and a "security net",To ensure food security to play a comprehensive effect。

      Source: People's Daily Overseas Edition