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Party building leads and promotes the development of bank-enterprise interconnection and synergy -- The Group company and China CITIC Bank jointly carried out the Party building theme Party Day activities

Release time: 2023-06-06


      本网讯    为深入开展学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想主题教育,以党建引领促进企业发展,助力乡村振兴,523On the same day, the second Party branch of the Group company, the Party branch of the Weiming Street Sub-branch of CITIC Bank Shijiazhuang Branch and the Party branch of the financial industry Department of Shijiazhuang Branch jointly carried out the theme Party Day activities of Party building and construction, and achieved fruitful results。

      Group company Party secretary, vice chairman Ma Zhaohui,Party Committee member and deputy general manager Han Huijun accompanied CITIC Bank Shijiazhuang Branch Weiming Street sub-branch Party secretary Qi Qiuwei and Shijiazhuang branch financial industry Party branch Feng Guizhen first came to the group company agricultural socialization service center,We visited the exhibition hall of the agricultural service project, the large imported silage harvester, the flight prevention drone and the new fertilizer and pesticide warehouse,Understand the transformation and development of the Group's agricultural products, agricultural machinery and equipment and agricultural service business,And the work of the group companies serving agriculture。随后,双方举行了主题党课,共同学习《网上十大娱乐网站排名》和《菲律宾十大娱乐网址》节选内容。And on how to do a good job of leading the party building business, discuss "Party building+The model has interactive exchanges in aspects such as the role reflected in the deep integration of banks and enterprises。The two sides shared their understanding and suggestions on party building work and reached an agreement on further strengthening cooperation in the future。


      Party representatives came to the group company in Gaocheng land circulation wheat field,The wheat growth was investigated on the spot,Learn about the development and contribution of Group companies in the field of agriculture,Discussions and exchanges were held on wheat planting, utilization of agricultural resources and development prospects,Deepen understanding of group companies and agricultural supplies business,We will deepen the integration of party building work with agricultural development。 

      Through the party building and co-construction activities, the cooperation between banks and enterprises has been further consolidated, and the two sides agreed that they will continue to explore new ways to integrate party building work and business development, promote development by party building, effectively exert the joint efforts of banks and enterprises and their respective advantages, and provide high-quality services for the realization of agricultural modernization and rural revitalization。 

       Hebei Province agricultural materials Group Company second Party branch Song Wenliang, Lu Qing and other activities。