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China's first modern facility agriculture construction plan released

Release time: 2023-06-16

      The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Natural Resources recently issued the National Modern Facility Agriculture Construction Plan (2023-2030).,It is clear that the construction of four key tasks: modern facility planting industry based on energy saving, modern facility animal husbandry based on efficient and intensive, modern facility fishery based on ecological and healthy breeding, and modern logistics facilities based on storage and preservation and drying。

      The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said that this is the first modern facility agriculture construction plan introduced in China, which has important guiding significance for promoting the modernization of facility agriculture。

      Introduction of the above person in charge,The plan focuses on optimizing the layout of modern facility agriculture, appropriately expanding its scale, and upgrading old facilities,The core is to improve the utilization rate of agricultural resources such as light, heat, water and soil, and the input and output rate of factors,We will continue to improve the intensification, standardization, mechanization, greening and digitalization of modern facility agriculture,It will provide strong support for expanding food sources and ensuring stable and secure supply of grain and important agricultural products。

      "Plan" deployment and implementation of modern facility agriculture promotion, Gobi saline-alkali land modern facility planting construction, modern facilities intensive seedling (seedling) construction, efficient land saving facilities animal husbandry construction, intelligent farming and fishing ground construction, cold chain logistics and drying facilities construction of six projects。

      According to the "Plan", by 2030, the scale of modern facility agriculture in the country will be further expanded, the regional layout will be more reasonable, the conditions of scientific and technological equipment will be significantly improved, the ability to stabilize production and ensure supply will be further improved, and the quality and efficiency of development and competitiveness will be continuously enhanced。The proportion of vegetable production in facilities increased to 40%,The scale of animal husbandry reached 83%,The output of aquaculture products in facilities reached 60%,The mechanization rate of facility agriculture and the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress reached 60% and 70% respectively,A number of innovation leading bases for modern facility agriculture have been established,The qualified rate of quality and safety sampling of agricultural products in facilities nationwide was stable at 98%。

      (Source: China Agricultural Information Guide)