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Agricultural supplies business


        The company attaches great importance to the construction of fertilizer supply channels, constantly innovates industrial and commercial cooperation marketing models, develops industrial and commercial cooperation relations that extend and depend on each other with production enterprises, and establishes a stable fertilizer supply system。It has established long-term business cooperation with China Agricultural Group and major domestic fertilizer manufacturers such as Yantianhua and Guizhou Kaiphosphorus, and has obtained the regional distribution and agent qualification of more than 30 brands of fertilizers in Hebei Province, operating about 3 million tons of various fertilizers annually。

        The company has a sound marketing network and perfect operating facilities,In Shijiazhuang, Handan, Xingtai, Baoding, Zhangjiakou, Chengde, Tangshan, Qinhuangdao, Langfang, Cangzhou, Hengshui and other places have built 12 regional distribution centers,In Dingzhou, Xinji, Yongnian, Shenzhou, Suning, Changli, Weichang, Guyuan and other more than 150 cities and counties with county-level distribution centers,More than 3,000 rural outlets,The marketing network basically covers the rural market of Hebei Province。

Main business types:
        Domestic nitrogen fertilizer: Ordos, Inner Mongolia Tianrun, China Coal Chemical, Hualu, Pingyuan, Zhengyuan, Dongguang, Yihua, Orchid, Boyuan, Xing MAO Aowei, Lu 'an, Tangshan Bang Li, Shansi Heshun and other urea;Jinshan, Hebang, Tianine and other ammonium chloride, Wenan ammonium carbide;
    Domestic phosphate fertilizer: Diammonium: Yuntianhua red phosphorus, Silver Pheasant, Golden Ferui, three rings, Mei Linfu, Yunhaifeng, Mei Sheng,Yunxin diamonium,Guizhou open phosphorus, phosphorus, Weng Fu,Hubei Xingfa, Yihua, Chuxing, Huangmailing,Shaanxi Province,Middle peasants, Fengze Garden, etc.;Etc.;One ammonium: Yuntianhua, Longboa, Hongda, Haoqing, Xiangyan, Xingfa, Guoshute, Chenao, Dadi Yuntian, Lingbao, Shanhua, etc.;

        Domestic potash fertilizer: Qinghai potassium from Yanqiao and Minmetals, and potassium sulfate from Zhongnong, Lop Nur and Guoan;
        Imported potash: potassium chloride from Russia, Belarus, Canada, Israel, Laos, Ural, Maison, etc.;
        Compound fertilizer and new fertilizer: Jinong, Jinlan, Shengshi Fengge series of compound fertilizer, mixed fertilizer, large particle nitrogen fertilizer, provincial Nongbao organic fertilizer, bacterial fertilizer, Nongji water-soluble fertilizer, Xinyuelin polyglutamic acid compound fertilizer, Yuntianhua series of new synergistic diammonium and so on。

        Operating Company:

Department name
Contact number
 Primary chemical fertilizer  0311-68127901 68027903 68127905 68127052
 Chemical fertilizer part II  0311-68127061 68127039 68027023 
Three parts of chemical fertilizer  0311-68127007 68127050
Compound fertilizer department  0311-68127035 68127055
 Si Bai Collecting Company  0311-68127011 68127062 68127012
 General management department  0311-68127019 68127021 68027018